Company profile

E-CARD develops intelligible, high-level web-based products and services since its establishment in 2000.

Our priorities are complete realization of successful interactive projects and provision of high-quality internet services and solutions.


E-CARD is a Bulgarian company, specializing in developing interactive projects, TV shows, SMS and IVR application. In addition, E-Card offers web based services and site architecture as well as mobile services and products.


E-CARD was established in 2000 and quickly obtained market recognition through the prepaid card for Internet access and micro payments - E-CARD. In the very beginning, the mission of the company was to present innovative solutions in the sphere of web based services and sites as well as in mobile marketing. E-Card was quick to achieve it due to the individual approach to every client in sync with their business goals.


The prepaid e-card became a part of the Bulgarian Internet history as “the most ingenious product” presented at the First Specialized Web Exhibition. This all-purpose prepaid card is an innovative solution used for Internet access, VoIP services and credits for online payments.


Original web projects and software solutions created by E-CARD strengthened the company's position as a leader in the area of interactive applications and web based services. The most popular and successful projects developed by E-CARD are the Big Brother TV Reality Show – Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, V.I.P. issues of the show and the Big Brother Family Project, Star Academyas well as the online version of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire TV Game. All of them have bevome hugely popular and brought remarkable financial results. One of the most famous games is also based on the original ideas of the E-card team – SMS for a Million, the first season of The Big Cash, Instant Money, as well as many Call TV shows played in Nova TV and Diema – Money Time, The House of Money, Alo, Star Academy.


During the last five years, E-CARD realized a number of major projects in cooperation with large international and Bulgarian partners such as ENDEMOL, EYEWORKS, SIA Advertising, GLOBAL FILMS, NOVA TV, DIEMA VISION, EDITA Productions and many others. At this moment, the company is one of the few direct partners with all three mobile operators in the country – Mtel, Globul, and Vivacom. E-Card maintains strong partnerships with almost all Bulgarian Internet providers as well as television and press, some of them are Nova, Nova+, BTV, BNT, newspaper “Standart”.

E-CARD also has its own Internet projects, successfully implemented in Bulgaria and abroad. E-CARD is a valued member of the "Bulgarian Web Association" and was awarded twice by Deloiite.